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Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Released 2010-06-15

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Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Released 2010-06-15

Post by Otonashi-kun on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:09 pm

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~

Alternative title:
セキレイ~Pure Engagement~ (Japanese)
Genres: action, comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, harem

Plot Summary: The battle to find the supreme Sekirei continues. Still some of the fighters and their masters refuse to participate in the battle since loosing it means to loose the Sekirei forever, and many of them actually care about their partners, while others just use them as tools. A storm is rising on the horizon, a bigger threat approches the city and its about to bring pain and suffering to those who love and care for their Sekireis.

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