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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Otonashi-kun on Thu May 13, 2010 3:06 am

1 ) No insults or rude remarks, or you will be banned!
2 ) Post in the correct category.
3 ) No swearing.
4 ) No complaining.
5 ) Give constructive criticism on works of art by fellow forum members rather than destructive criticism.
6 ) If you feel someone is breaking a rule, or you feel they are being inappropriate feel free to report them.
7 ) Do not discriminate, all ideas are welcome unless I deem otherwise.
8 ) Be organized with how you post.
9 ) Code your download links.
10 ) Code all .zip .rar passwords!
11 ) No adding URLs to your signature unless you ask permission from the forum administrator.
12 ) No embedding pornography videos, pictures, ect here.


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