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Princess Resurrection, Messenger from the Sea, Moteki Promos Streamed

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Princess Resurrection, Messenger from the Sea, Moteki Promos Streamed

Post by Otonashi-kun on Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:14 am

Princess Resurrection, Messenger from the Sea, Moteki Promos Streamed

The official website for the original anime DVD (OAD) based on Yasunori Mitsunaga's Princess Resurrection manga began streaming a 110-second special promotional video this week. (The video is also streaming on the YouTube website.) The OAD will ship with the limited edition of the 13th manga volume on December 9.

Also this week, YouTube began streaming a 30-second teaser trailer for The Messenger from the Sea (Umi kara no Shisha), an independent anime project by "hyper amateur animator" Nosferatu (Ame ni Dakarete). A DVD with a complete edition of the anime is slated for sale at Tokyo's Comic Market 78 on August 15.

TV Tokyo began streaming a 30-second promotional video for the live-action television adaptation of Mitsurō Kubo's Moteki romantic comedy manga on Wednesday. The story centers around the urban legend that even poor, aimless, single men in their late 20s have a shot at mote-ki, a once-in-a-lifetime timespan when they are popular with women. Mirai Moriyama (Socrates in Love, 20th Century Boys) will play Yukiyo Fujimoto — a temp worker who has completely struck out in romance, but who is about to experience mote-ki just before he turns 30. Maho Nonami (2LDK, Kakashi), Hikari Mitsushima (Death Note, Shaolin Girl), Rio Matsumoto (Ace wo Nerae!, Tomie: Beginning), and Rinko Kikuchi (The Sky Crawlers, Babel) will play the women who all suddenly become interested in Fujimoto.

Promotional Video - Youtube:
Teaser - Youtube:
Promotional Video:

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