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Harry Potter Howl under the Moon Fanfiction by Ash-kun Chapter 2

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Harry Potter Howl under the Moon Fanfiction by Ash-kun Chapter 2

Post by Ash-kun on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:56 pm

Hyuu~! ^^ Yay another chappy out ^^ XDD
and Disclaimer: All hail JKR-sama ^^ Hope you understood ^^
Plz read the prologue and Chapter 1 ^^




Our Hero Harry Potter was sitting in his bedroom, early in the morning, in his Uncle Vernon's house, in Private Drive. He particularly did not enjoy it there, but he had Ash Peter -his Best friend forever- was with him. He was glad that Ash was always with him.

The only one who always understood him completely was Ash and she even always saved him from his Uncle though she ended up getting hurt. This was the only reason Harry did not want to be with her, because she was precious to him, he really did not want to put her in trouble.

Well, technically Harry did not know anything about the deal Ash made with his uncle but he knew something was up since his uncle had stopped touching him since that incident around when he was aged six or so , the incident which brought Ash in his life.

So, he got up, got dressed and went downstairs, to the kitchen. There he saw that Ash was cooking. He was upset because Ash had not woken him up. He knew that Ash always had cared deeply for him and he was reminded of his First and Second Year in Hogwarts where, whenever danger had lurked especially with Professor Quirrel, Lockheart, Tom Riddle or Voldemort's possessed diary, she threw herself in front of him to protect him and got hurt badly, even during the Quidditch matches.

He knew that she would always care no matter what happened or no matter how he pushed himself away from her, she knew him too well, and she cared too deeply to care for herself. Harry also knew that she did not wake him up because she wanted him to rest and take care of his health, though ironically she never took care of "her" health.

His mind accepted these facts though his heart did not. He wanted to do those things to Ash. Logically it was kind of weird, because Ash was the girl and Harry was the guy, so shouldn't Harry be the one protecting and doing those heroic deeds to Ash instead of Ash doing it to him?...Well, never mind, it worked out like that. Nothing can be changed.


So Harry decided to help Ash.

Ash still did not notice that Harry was behind her back. She had trouble concentrating because of the pain in her ribs and her legs. It was because Vernon was really in a foul mood last night and she really got a bad beating. She was exhausted, yet did not complain at all.

She was having trouble moving, she had healed it haphazardly and it ended up wrong, and was all right for only the time being. She did not know what to do to hide the pain. She was too busy wrapped up in pain and her thoughts to notice that Harry was watching her.

Harry was worried. Nothing escaped his keen eyes especially when it concerned Ash. What had happened to Ash? Her footing was not good, and the way she held the pan while she made the omelet and the way she moved showed that she was in pain. He did not know what to do. He tried to use their connection to find out what happened but he could not find anything wrong. He was confused. Was Ash hiding something from him? or really was there nothing wrong with her?

Ash was still struggling, she found it difficult to concentrate and felt so light and was afraid that she was going to faint or worse...break something and get beaten up or fed with that "drink" (as Vernon so called it). Every month during her holidays, she was forced to drink a "drink" that Vernon showed down her throat after he bet her up or yelled at her.

After drinking that "Potion"(Ash decided to call it "Potion") she felt nothing but pain, especially in her head and stomach. Those times, she spent her night outside as Vernon did not allow her to stay inside the house. So she hardly slept yesterday due to the cold and now she could feel her head spinning.

Harry decided that there was definitely something wrong with Ash. So he slowly reached out and wrapped arms around her and helped her cook. He felt relieved when she relaxed into his arms and so they cooked together.

They finished preparing breakfast for the Dursleys. Ash was glad for the help she received and thanked Harry.

Harry was still concerned because when he had wrapped arms around her, he felt her temperature and her forehead was slightly warm. Her temperature was not right. What if she had a fever? Was she allright? So he asked Ash, "Are you sure you are okay?" and he touched her forehead with his forehead and Lo...she was indeed sporting a fever.

Ash replied, "It is okay, I am fine, It will go away and don't you dare do anything, Harry Potter, or I swear I will hang you upside down." Then in a softer tone she added, "I am really fine Harry, you can take care of me tonight if you want to be so sure, okay? Please do not worry". And she smiled. Harry accepted it, for the time being.

They jumped apart when they heard the Dursleys coming down and started their work. Vernon pulled Ash aside and gave her a list of chores to be finished for the day and threatened her that if she did not finish it, she would be beaten up and the "potion" would be forced down her throat and that she had to spend the night outside...again.

So Ash decided to finish it with the help of Harry. She asked Harry's help and they decided to do everything together. But the list was too long. It consisted of many chores like Washing the window, cleaning the utensils, the floor, weeding, cooking, watering the plants and washing the car and it went on and on and on and on...(*Sighs*).

Petunia had gone out to the market, Vernon to the office, Dudley had decided to hang out with his friends. So it was just Harry and Ash. They finished almost all the chores except the weeding and the watering. So they went outside and were met by the evening. It was cold and was already evening. They finished watering the plants and were about to start the weeding process, but suddenly Ash fainted right into the arms of Harry.

Ash's fever had risen due to the cold and unsteady weather. Harry was worried and he took her upstairs to the bedroom they shared and lay her on the bed and took care of her. He placed a wet cloth on her forehead and used their connection to calm her down, though he could NOT bring her fever and he was worried about not being able to do so. Ash was able to heal him using the connection but why could he not do the same to her? Was the bond starting to weaken?

Suddenly he heard the front door slam open. He winced and saw Ash's eyes flutter, she seriously needed rest, but once she was up she would not or could not rest until her chores were done. Oh, my god, Harry suddenly remembered - the weeding! But it was too late, he heard footsteps thundering up the stairs and he noticed that Ash struggled to sit up weakly and that she was frightened.

He tried to calm her down but it was futile. Suddenly their door burst open and there stood Vernon. He became red with anger when he noticed that Ash was lying in the bed, well more like half sitting and half lying down because she was struggling to sit up and Harry was trying to push her to lay down and rest and was also holding her closely to stop her shivering and the calm her down because she was frightened. Her breath was coming in struggled and forced gasps and Harry was worried. Ash was trying to get away from him but he would NOT let go.

Suddenly, Vernon came forward and grabbed Ash, well more like lifted her up by her shirt and carried her out.


Harry was worried. It had been two hours since Ash was dragged out. He was worried, really worried and that was one of the understatements of the year. He did not know what to do. He wanted to save her but he was locked in his darn room.

Jeez, the nerves of Vernon to do that. Harry was angry too, both at Vernon and also at himself. He had never felt so helpless. He remembered the times Ash had nearly given up her life to protect his...again. And here he was, there was nothing he could do for the only girl whom he loved so much and wanted to protect so much, who was essentially like a part of him, because there were no misunderstandings or secrets or jealousy or hatred between them. They shared a sacred bond and yet he could do nothing to save and protect the only thing that he wanted to.


As Vernon grabbed Ash and headed out to the other room, Ash was scared out of her senses. She tried to struggle but she was pale and skiny and could do nothing, so she gave up. She was feeling nauseas and weak, she also had a massive headache. She wanted nothing but to curl up and sleep, but she could not do so at all, and why was that? It was because of Vernon.

As Vernon entered the room, he tossed Ash - as if she was nothing more than a piece of ragdoll - and she hit her back on the wall and slid down. Vernon neared her and yelled, "You idiot, you are a freak, I told you to finish a job and you could not even weed? Are you that hopeless? Useless...idiot...!"

Ash replied feeblly, "I finished all the other chores and then...I was going to weed....but...I had to go...go upstairs...and was about to head down with Harry to weed, I am so sorry, please forgive me."

Vernon certainly did not believe that. He yelled again, "You wretched thing, you lie to me? to me? ME? How dare you? You were lying on the bed and resting and could not even weed properly and you talk back to ME? Actually you talk BACK to ME? What the hell are you thinking?"

Ash winced, scooted towards the corner of the room and Vernon felt a sickening happiness by looking at the shivering and cowering girl. He raised his hand and hit her hard. Her glasses flew away and she could not see at all. She felt a hand slap her again.

Ah....It hurt like hell. But there was nothing she could do to stop it, after all she had decided to save Harry and had made the deal, right? She did not regret making the deal since it was to save Harry but she did regret the pain that came with it. She was powerless against Vernon tied down by her promise.

She felt Vernon kick her side and groaned. She was lifted and thrown back and was so sure that her fever had worsened. She also was sure that her ribs and ankle were broken or at least partially damaged. She could do nothing to stop the fit of coughs that was wracking her body.

At one point, Vernon got so irritated and fed up that he roared and yelled at her to stop the coughing. This only had the opposite and the undesired effect and she ended up coughing up blood. "Oh my God", thought Ash, her vision was already blurry because of the lack of glasses and it worsened. Her head was spinning and her whole body was sore and she hurt all over.

Suddenly she felt Vernon's bulgy hands lift her face by her hair and forced the same vile tasting "Potion" down her throat. Her pain doubled, no scratch that tripled should be more like it. She could not bear the pain at all. She was trying so hard not to just throw up because her stomach was rumbling and churning so hard. she felt her nausea ebb away and successfully swallowed the "Potion" and did not throw it up.

She felt hands lift her up and take her downstairs. She was thrown out of the house and she landed in the grass painfully. She heard Vernon saying, "Don't stay here, you brat. Go away and return in the morning. I don't want to get caught by the neighbours because I did what you deserved, got that? Now go away and don't get me caught or sure as hell you wil regret it."

He sneered and slammed the door. Ash got up with struggling hands, to say that she felt really really really really bad.

She felt horrible, her whole body was sore and aching, her ribs were burning like hell, her ankles were swollen, her arms and legs hurt, her stomach was churning horribly and her mouth tasted really bad due to the after effects of the "Potion", her head was hurting like it was bring split into two by a hammer, and she was sporting a really high fever.

She stayed still for a few minutes, she was deciding to move but could not. She felt the back of her hairs stand up, a shiver ran through her spine. She did not look up to see a worried Harry looking at her and trying to call her. She felt a pair of eyes (not Harry's) watching her. She sighed. She wanted to stay here but she had to go, right? and so she did.

She moved on and walked for like fifteen minutes, more like dragged, with great difficulty and reached a secluded place which she had found and stayed there whenever the "Episode" with Vernon repeated itself.

She slid down the tree. Even her back was hurting because she was thrown against the wall.

But she never noticed the two pair of animal eyes inside the secluded place that had followed her there and had watched everything. What was she going to do now? She noticed it and became frightened. What if it was going to.....going to....going to....hurt her?

Ah that is the second chapter done.
Again reviews, criticisms, flames, ideas, questions are welcome.
Take care, later.Hyuu~! ^^
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