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Gov: Strike Witches Wholesome Family Entertainment

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Gov: Strike Witches Wholesome Family Entertainment

Post by FireDrake14 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:18 pm

The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs has awarded loli pantsu anime Strike Witches a ringing endorsement, in the form of an official recommendation.
The government run Media Art Festival exhibited the title alongside various other excellent anime in the venue’s mini-theatre, and families could be seen taking their children to watch this fine example of Japanese cultural excellence:

This outstanding endorsement of what some, including this site, have mistakenly branded nothing more than a drawn out and extremely well produced exercise in ogling loli pantsu and, in the DVD editions, quite a bit more, will surely be well received by struggling Gonzo.
With their new found credentials, they can now expect to join the ranks of other wholesome children’s anime, such as Kanokon.
Via Gigazine.
We do not hear if they were using the ultra-wholesome DVD version as the basis for their screenings…

Source: sankakucomplex

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