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Sexy Beach 3 [Torrent]

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Sexy Beach 3 [Torrent]

Post by mouse21 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:10 pm

Sexy Beach 3 - Complete English Edition Installer


SB3 & SB3PLUS UI translation by wurlox
Story line translations by Shirakani and wkit23
Translated system messages by flaq
English launchers by TheShadow
Dummy.bmp by Afker
Uncensor mod 0.7 by flaq
Installer by aervans

Installs a fully translated version of Sexy Beach 3 & Sexy Beach 3 Plus. Everything save for the voices has been translated. Extract, run the executable to install, and play.

I do not take credit for any of this.


Do not, under any circumsatnces, PM me or post here with something retarded such as "DIS ISN'T WORKING, WUT SHULD I DID?". I will delete your PM and ignore you. I don't have a problem with being sent a PM but you need to CLEARLY state your problem, provide a screenshot if possible, and make sure you have read the error FAQ below.

Before you post about any problems you may have make sure you have done the following:
1) Make sure you have a CLEAN install. If you have the JP version installed make sure you remove it before installing my version.
2) Update your video card drivers and run the DirectX updater which can be found here:

*"This application has failed to start because d3dx9_24.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem".
Run the directX updater:

*"Game detect non-japanese os or more then one file are missing!".
Go to start -> run -> and type regedit in the box, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Illusion and delete any Sexy Beach 3 entries.

*"Game won't launch at all".
You probably have an anti-virus or security program that's taken a disliking to SB3, I suggest turning it off or uninstalling it. You may not be able to get it to work without uninstalling the program completely.

*"Game shuts down momentarily after starting".
First run the launcher, click options, and click performance. Work up from there to get settings that work for your computer.

If that doesn't work it means you have old registry keys hanging around from an installation of the jp version of the game or you didn't uninstall the jp version before installing mine. To fix this go to start -> run -> and type regedit in the box, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Illusion and delete any Sexy Beach 3 entries.

*"Game shuts down before playing opening movie".
The game always crashed during launch but I found the solution to my problem: I have DirectVobsub (aka vsfilter) installed to watch animes with subtitles, and apparantly DirectVobsub tried to launch with the opening movie of Sexy Beach 3 and caused the game to crash. The opening movie never started, I only got a black screen. I changed the DirectVobsub configuration from "always load" to "load when needed" and the game works just fine now. (Thanks fidodaputa)

*"Game alt+tabs automatically when starting in full screen mode with music still playing in the background".
The problem seems to be that I had two codecs on the comp (an old one I no longer used... And due to my poor memory I forgot it's name after deleting it Something Something - Professional Edition) that was still tied into my Zoom player (I could tell because after deleting it I checked to make sure my anime still played and my zoom player reapplied it's helpful menus of things I could add on). Wondering if that was it I tried the game again and it works just fine. (Thanks Murkglow)

*"Game shuts down after selecting a location to visit with one of the girls".
I've had 2 people tell me that running the game with AppLocale fixed this problem for them. I honestly have no idea how this would make any difference but if it works it works.

If you burned the game to a DVD and still have the DVD in the tray remove it.

If none of the above solves your problem please include the following in your question:
1) Have you ever installed the jp version of the game
2) Post your computer specs(OS, Video card)

Torrent Download:
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