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Itazura Gokuaku [2009][18+]

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Itazura Gokuaku [2009][18+]

Post by mouse21 on Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:35 pm

Itazura Gokuaku [2009][18+]


Genre:3D Sim,All Sex
Platform:Windows XP/Vista/7

System Requirements:
Pentium4 2.0GHz / 1.0Gb RAM / 3Gb HDD free space / Videocard 128Mb
Publication Type: license
Language: Japanese / English
Censorship: None (antsenzor attached)
Subtitles: No
File size: 2.6Gb

Playing on the theme of "harassment" of girls in public transport. Continued Itazura Real, but with more advanced graphics.
+ You can quickly scroll unnecessary Japanese text.
+ Large selection of item
+ 5 girls

- 100% save (the location of the button to search through the "Game Folder" in the launcher)
- Patch All-in-one on Hongfire which includes:
Itazura Gokuaku English Interface 1.0 from psymon2
Itazura Gokuaku Mini 0.8 Translation (English menu, including advanced text display) from ScumSuckingPig (& Inquisitor)
English launcher 1.10A from TheShadow
Antsenzor 3D v1.4 (with additional pubic hair) by profundis
Itazura Gokuaku Treyner 09.01 from pukiman
Itazura Gokuaku official 1.10 patch (includes 5 new locations, the clothes and things, animal ears, auto-h) of the REAL, profundis
Ext. Information: Mount the image, To install, install the patch and play.
Run the installer and the game is recommended from AppLocale.

Download Links:
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Re: Itazura Gokuaku [2009][18+]

Post by souleater247 on Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:24 am

Thank you.

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